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What is Dev9t

What is Dev9t

1. Every human is a consequence of
his creation, as much as his creation is a consequence of him. Every human is an art, and every art is human.
And for that, Art On!

2. Forget the fear and flourish the heart. No obstacle can overthrow the art. Feel free to step into the world around You and Art On!

3. Instead of an everyday routine, choose art routine. Don't give in to conventional; surrender to Yourself and Art On.

4. To get what You want, Your work is necessary. If You want art,
Art On!

5. When you begin, take care of Your creation. It’s the only way it can survive, and You can continue to Art On.

6. There is no perfect in art, unless You work on its perfection.
You are on the path of art even in the unknown. So Art On!

7. Secret of art is not in art, it’s in You and Your way of creating the most beautiful secrets.

8. The one You do not wish, will not exist.
The one you originate by Yourself becomes a treasure to everyone around You.
That’s why You need to Art On.

9. Everything around You is art and everything around You can serve Your art.
Be the One who can make everything from something and Art On.


You are thinking of joining Dev9t team?

Please read carefully all information within our FAQ and T&C so you know what we expect from you during our mutual developing and creating Dev9t. Keep in mind that we would really appreciate your realistic estimation of your abilities and time you can devote to successfully achieve our plans.

If you’re nodding affirmatively while reading these words, please continue to fill out our volunteer form.

If your forehead got some wrinkles of doubt, please go through our links above once again and then make a decision. :)

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